Wetwang Scarecrow Gallery 2016

MM_Mini Scarecrows

MM_Scared Crows!

MM_Rain Ponchos available!

MM_40 - Never Grow Up

MM_2 - Mickey Mouse

MM_19 - Caution Men at work

MM_39 - Angry Chicken - Big Surprize

MM_58 -_

MM_1 - The Gruffalo

MM_38 - Sugar Plump Fairy

MM_57 - The Queen

MM_18 - Old Mother Hubbard

MM_37 - Professor Flitwick of Hogwarts

MM_56 - Owl Babies

MM_17 - Aladdin and the magic lamp

MM_36 - The Scarecrow Wedding

MM_55 - Diary of a wimpy scarecrow

MM_16 - Ghoulia Yelps

MM_35 - Windy Miller - Camberwick Green

MM_54 - Scarecrow Joe

MM_15 - Room on a broom

MM_34 - Long John Silver

MM_53 - Who ate all the pies

MM_33 - The Hessian Man

MM_13 - Scarecrow on a tea break

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