Wetwang Scarecrow Gallery 2019

Zog and the Pearl Princess

Who will sit on the Iron Throne of Wetwang (2)

Washing day at Widow Twankeys and Wishy Washy's

Twanky's Laundry

This is the Greatest Show (1)

The Witches of Wetwang

The Pied Piper

The Hungry Wetwang Caterpillar (1)

The Family

The Crows Nest

Sooty and Sweep perform Aladin

Snow Whites Step Mother

Snow White and the seven helpers

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Rudolf on Holiday

Puss In Boots

Puss in Bootees

Peter Pan (3) (School)

Peter Flies High (1)

Pantomime Dame 'Its behind You'

Old Greg

Mr Twigy Crow (1)

Lumber Jill (3)

Jack and the Beanstalk

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